Inspired by - The Circus Fun

As I'm preparing for the Creativity Circus Festival, (more on that to come)
I'm noticing the fun and crazy fare of many artists online.
The circus brings back memories of excitement, novelty and sugar.
Ahhh, the newness of a child's eye and wonderment...

I wish that we could keep those gifts of childhood forever,
that they could somehow mingle with wisdom
so that life is filled with everlasting awe.

Maybe, just maybe, that's what being an artist is -
a constant pull between awe and experience.

1. Greta doll by mary'sgranddaughter's - $32
2. Color Go-Round Print by bomobob - $30
3. Shinzi Katoh Tape - at Tokyo Hands - $4.95 Euro


Dreaming of - Sabra Krock

As a lover of food and photography,
I love luscious food sites.

Sabra Krock is one of those
amazing, brilliant,
saliva-inducing food photographers
that you must go drool over.
She really sends you places!
Plus, her blog is full of do-able recipes
and more scrumptious images.

Check her out, too, on Design*Sponge!

* Image from her blog post with her first class dip *

Etsy Finds: Nature Inspired gems

A Way to Fill My Magazine Void?

With the absence Domino and others leaving my mail box lonely,
I have been struggling to find what can fill it up without being wasteful.

Apparently Time, Inc is feeling the struggle of the magazine, too, 
and is trying something new:

It is created by answers to a very simple set of questions - sushi or pizza? - and 
a choice of 5 magazines of interest. 
From this meager meat of my life (and yours) they will attempt 
to tailor a magazine to my tastes.

And it's free.

Too good to pass up! Try yours today!


A must-follow: Elizabeth Schuppe

Schuppe's work keeps distracting me
 from all sort of daily duties 
(read  - dishes, laundry, showers, work...)

Flickr really is one of the best things 
in the 21st century.
Right up there with iPhones and Hulu.


Untitled I, (2008), Acrylic on canvas, 44"x48" by elizabeth schuppe.
Untitled IV, (2008), Acrylic on canvas, 44"x48" by elizabeth schuppe.
Like a Bullet, 2007, Acrylic on canvas, 52"x50" by elizabeth schuppe.

Three in the Air

Design*Sponge brought my eyes and heart back to
with a sneak peek at the new Spring Line

Here are my current delights


Easter Poster for Exhibit

Finally a piece of new work
This is for Hope Chapel's Easter Poster Exhibit
The verse is from 2 Samuel 23:4


Finding my Way Home: Artfest Part 2

Artfest has ended
yet my being is filled with 
artistic anticipation

now I must carve out time 
to create

here is some work from the last day with Tiphoni
a very inspired teacher


Artfest: Creative Explorations - Part 1

A wonderful day of exploring: Port Townsend, my creative spirit, the beach

The most inspirational teacher: Sas Colby 
led us in visions of layering and transparency 
using photo transfers and tactile delights.

Can't wait for day two of Artfest!


Into the Gray: On my way to Artfest!

This week I am getting crazy with other artists at Artfest in the amazing location 
of Port Townsend, WA. 

I made a few images while on the Bainbridge ferry today. 
 and it snowed on my drive in...
I followed that joyful moment with seafood linguini and a nice glass of red wine.
Us Texans have to celebrate even little flutters!