I'm a guest blogger!

The amazing Kitchen Corners blog invited me to guest blog Friday. Check it out if you'd like tips on improving your food photography or to see her giveaway this week!


Ready for a Dinner Party

I've been browsing many food and style blogs and dreaming of a dinner party. Here's some delicious thoughts to take home with you:

As always, Dessert First
Roasted Apple and Vanilla Bean Souffle
my new favorite

Appetizer: Pizzettes with Caramelized Onions, Goat Cheese and Prosciutto from Everyday Italian. (Add a little fresh rosemary to the dough and it's phenomenal!)

Served on the Classic Century Dinnerware, designed by Eva Zeisel and sold at Crate and Barrel.
Check out the serving pieces - DIVINE!
Image thanks to www.pomegranita.com

And delicate Venetian wine glasses from Napastyle.com

For the Main Course: Coq au Vin (by Barefoot Contessa)

Served with extra roasted carrots (by Barefoot Contessa) and I don't even like carrots. Beware, these are addictive and easy to make!

ohhhhh, I am sooooo hungry! 
Bon Appetit!


Nesting in for Fall

As the cool winds blow into Texas to end summer, my Northern spirit yearns for sweaters, scarves and snow. Unfortunately, in central Texas, those days are few and scattered. Here's what I'm dreaming will be useful this year...
Special edition two sided felted scarf in blue and dark dark grey from Karlita, the maker of whimsical, colorful scarves

brown nuno felted muffler shawl wrap
This rich beauty comes from AkinaMina in Korea

victorians pillow - john
A little whimsy to cuddle up with on a cold night, from CommonDecency

Yardage - Handprinted Linen Fabric
Fabric that inspires me to make a Modern Duvet from Maramiki in Chicago

Hand Blown Glass  bottle
And, the perfect glass for storing my homemade Framboise/Kir (Raspberry liqueur) by
RVA glass in Chicago

Want to join me in a perfect Winter Tradition? It's perfect for breakfast on Christmas or New Year's Day,  or just because! Here's a great recipe from RecipeZaar

Bon Appetit!