Into the woods

Plywerk is calling to my art.

Now my wallet and walls are getting together.

I think I'm in trouble...

(check out the prodeal and more of their images while you're there)


eye bliss

For those of you who are trivia junkies
& who love a good image
is your match made in heaven

Now David has stuff for your coffee table too
(the best price on his rad new book is on Amazon)

Here are more of his graphin' skills to tempt you:

3D Crazy

Finding myself wanting to return to my
elementary school roots as the temp drops
and the wind blows up my scarf.

Won't you join me?
These little owls can be yours (with a little cut and paste loving)
for less than $2.50 at MiboStudio


Ahhhh, Ghostbusters and childhood memories collide at Cubeecraft
get a free 3D template and go to town!
(hundreds to choose from too)

the Mr. Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

the Venus de Milo


Jessica Rayner

I was pleasantly introduced to Jesssica Rayner

I would love to see her creating in the woods someday...

Vintage Days

Inspired by her grandmother's china collection,
Rachael of Pistachio Press created these lovely
letterpress calendar pages.

I'd love to frame them and wax nostalgic of days with my
grandmothers too.

Browse the months here at Pistachio Press
& check out her blog here. She's a lovely soul.

Johan Rosenmunthe

my socks are knocked off
Lovin this from Volkswagon!!!
(thanks Dan Pink for introducing me to this.)

Man Shops Globe

Went to the super delicious premier of Man Shops Globe last night at Anthropologie. Yummm...

The show reminded me of flea market shopping with my mother when she owned an Antiques business. If want to see what the main buyer/decorator for the store does (and get a good list of global shops for your little moleskine) then check it out on Sundance.

You will never look at an Anthropologie store the same.

Wall d'art

This wall from Tonky was featured on Design * Sponge and I can so see it on the wall in my classroom. I can also hear my students comments on what they think it is...

Your life would always be filled with wonder with this one.