ahhh. tape.


Ran into Blue Q at Whole Earth earlier this week and am in love. 
They have products perfect for a good day trip: fun, function and style.


What a happy Friday. I am enamored with a new find! 
The wonderful food illustrations by vesleserena on flickr. 
I love the humor, 
hand-drawn font and cultural education too!
Check more out here.

Originally uploaded by vesleserena

and more...



Love Art?
Love Video?
Spend gobs of time on new discoveries?
Saturdays at the museum?
Check out Art Babble


Visions of Orange

I've been seeing orange as of late.
I think I'm ready for a summer beach holiday.
Now to decide which ones join the black in my closet...

Monday Visions

Do you ever have a Monday out of sync with the world?
Today for me is a Betsy Walton, Lenny Kravitz, sunny day.
As I walked into Starbuck's they were playing blues,
other places are playing mellow Sunday-eque tunes.
I feel like I'm from another planet...
at least I know Tuesday is coming.

Join me on my planet?
A Lenny Freebie:

artwork from Room and Board


Brunch on the Way

Planning a brunch with my favorite web-sites


Coffees mixed together and brewed in my french press
Austin Java Costa Rica Decaf
Starbuck's Casi Cielo


30 second rule!

A little food graphing for you...

from GraphJam

from Pie vs Cake

Selecting Thanks

Recently I went on a tour of Thank You cards on the internet.
It was a lovely journey, and only lacking in the ability to caress the divine paper.
Who's invited you to dinner, or a cup of coffee lately? 
Make their day with a note of Thanks.

Might I suggest on of these?

also at Greer



Wrapped up in Envelop

A kitchen made lovely by Envelop


Divine Crane

I'm in an origami bird phase right now
This light is singing to me.


Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

A little daylight from Norway coming your way.


Come on Baby...

In love with this new West Elm season.

so Vlad

A peaceful Friday interlude by Vladmir Longauer of Ireland via Slovakia
The rest of the images in his shop are a must see too...


Another Walk in the Woods

Another walk in the woods...
Kiri Wood Carafes

Gorgeous canister from a single piece of Olive Wood

Bread boards made from old wine barrels


Hope Mongering

Today his blog was like an arrow to my soul.
He called for an end of fear mongering and a beginning of Hope Mongering.
Amen, brother!

And a good walk in the woods always settles the soul, awakens hope
and reminds us of the greatness of the history leading up to us.

from flickr's Best of 2009

May your year have lights of hope throughout.


Hot and Handy

I was at Anthropologie partaking in the fabulous pre-Christmas sale
and fell in love with these potholders.
I know, I must be an old lady to go and fall in love with a pot holder,
but for $12, I'm pretty easy.
(and they come in three different colors, wink, wink, knudge, knudge)