Introducing a regular feature: Inspire*Respond.
I've been following Holly Becker's creativity series
on Decor8 and Design by the Book on Design*Sponge
and wanted a chance to create myself.

So many times I am inspired and do nothing about it.
The creative juices just run out of me while I sleep!

In an attempt to rejuevinate my spirit, I am making a list of artists
that inspire me and will attempt to share responses to their work here.


Inspiration: photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto
I experienced my first Sugimoto piece in person at the Fort Worth Modern Art Museum.
The Seascape series was displayed in a darkened room,
set up so that you stood,
alone, in front of a large wall covered with one seascape photograph - floor to ceiling.
It was as if you had walked up to a black and white beach scene.
Contemplation and peace.

Below, my photo class responds to images
from his work in his Joe Sculpture series
by creating simple abstract paper sculptures
and then photographing them in the Sugimoto style.

How would you respond?


My Shoe Heaven

Calling all shoe hoarders!
Check out these handmade gems on Etsy!

From Top: Round Toe Flat Room Shoes ($40) by elephant and chickpea
Wooden Clogs ($45) other colors available by berlin 27 clogs
Mustard Mary Jane Room Shoes ($45) also by elephant and chickpea
Sabot Sandal Clog ($100) by maxbeer

Coffee or Tea?

This time of year, I seem to flip-flop from tea to coffee to tea again.
(and the recent tea - push is not helping my indecision one wee bit!)

Hands down, the French Press has become my kitchen maven of choice.
The French always know how to solve my problems...

1. la Cafetiere at Target, 2. Chambord at Bodum
3. Eileen at, and 4. Frieling Stainless at,
5. Deco Coffee Press at Starbuck's and 6. Columbia Thermal Coffee Press at Starbuck's


Bookmark This

Chronicle Books makes me swoon.


Inspiration: HRSmithJones

Smitten. Inspired. HRSmithJones on Etsy, Flikr and my heart.
original art card - a golden reflectionoriginal mixed media - reaching for your hopeoriginal mixed media - listening, from the whisper series


Time to Travel

As the weather gets warmer and the trees leaf, my travel itch comes alive.
Here are some map-tastic artworks.Ground Expedition -map

Topo in Aqua - one art card
by crafterall on Etsy

Original Mixed Media Piece
by Dstrzynski on Etsy
Original Mixed Media Piece
also by Dstrzynski


Dreaming of California

Ever noticed how a common thread of ideas/events seems to happen?
Mine seems to be calling me to California - the Bay Area.

And now to transport us to Ici - in Berkley.

To Sleep, Perchance to Eat my Dream....

I Dream of Cake is not just a website - 
it is art,

Let your eyes drink in this treat!
Thanks Holly @ Decor8 for this find!


Inspirations:Elsita (Elsa Mora)

As with the way of blogs, I followed the circuitous route 
from Indie Fix to a website to flickr and back here with Elsita. 
A true visual delight.
Watering an Idea. by Elsita (Elsa Mora).

Lights Fantastic!

In love with this!


Divine Art

I was browsing over at OhJoy! today and discovered these amazing chocolate pencils. 
Now just to get a plane ticket to Japan.
Maybe they will start selling these...


Bad Times = Good Art

Isn't it true that necessity breeds invention? 
Shouldn't it follow, that struggles bring about creativity?
from firebellydesign comes ECON 101
look at it here at ArtSchoolGirl