Going Monochrome

As a photographer, my heart has a special place
for the delight of black and white.

These send me back to the days of darkrooms
bulk-loading film
and the hum of yellow lightbulbs.

Light My Way: RISD Pendant

I love light and texture combined.

This makes me think of a 
molecular breakdown of a cloud
the top of a wildflower 
flipped upside down.

check out more here

::image from RISD::


To try: Sunday Baked Tomatoes

My darling man
made lunch Sunday

Baked tomatoes, goat cheese, basil, olive oil
divine goodness

No, I won't share him. He mine, all mine.


A rarity

OK, so I seldom if ever 
show you all jewelry

It is in times like these that 
you should be ready for a surprise

Viola! Jewelry!
Aren't these lovely?

from the lovely miette


Say Uhuru

Now to relax.... Happy Friday!

Inspirations: Sharon Montrose

Do you ever have a day when you just ask WHY?
Why do this?
Why is it not working?

And then you take a break,
a creative time out
and try something completely different.
Like mixing chocolate and raspberry jam.

There it is again, that creative juice.
That igniting of the spirit.

Here's a great video
of photographer Sharon Montrose
on her simple and successful
something different.

Handmade Portraits: Sharon Montrose from Etsy on Vimeo.

Thanks to Miss B for bringing this front and center.



so lovely
I wish I could just stoke it with
the little tip of my finger

:: From Jardino ::
-- see more on her blog too --


Dreaming I'm Flying: Seattle and Puget Sound

I often dream of the low light 
of Puget Sound.
How it mingles with the soft waves
the smooth stones on the beach
the driftwood with its ancient tales

I'm dreaming of flying to Seattle 
and eating in Bellvue
and a night at Inn at the Market

Then off on the ferry to Friday Harbor 
where seafood and views
are never scarce.

:: For image credits, click on image link ::


To Try: Sunny, Woody Meal

Simply photo knows how to create and capture
a good meal.

What is your ideal, beautiful plate?


Dreaming I'm Flying: London And Lake District

Each year, about May, my spirit dreams of flying.
Far away places.
New adventures.
Food, divine food.
Gorgeous vistas.

Today, the spirit says London.

I would definitely stop in at Graham and Green
and grab a latte and a
brie, tomato and basil baguette sandwich at Pret
and then drive to the Lake District
enjoying the views of age-old stone walls
sheep and wildflowers.

ahhh, the spirit has the right idea.
(and yes, it really is that gorgeous)

:: click on images for credits ::


Dornith Doherty and an Apology

And now for an apology. 
I've been swamped with life
and my chats with you have dwindled these past few weeks.
Please forgive the random silences.

Here's a few images that have offered me peace in the midst of end-of-school-year-gunk.
I hope they do the same for you.

I'll try to be a better uploader next week.
Summer cometh!

:: Images by Dornith Doherty ::


Must See: Margaret and Joy

Don't know where I found Margaret and Joy,
but I had to share.
Clean images, delicious looking food, inspiring combinations

Kitchen Inspiration: Mjolk

A slew of people talked about this super fab store last week
And I became even more  in love with Scandinavia.


This is peaceful and lovely.

:: Via Design for Mankind inspiration ::


I heart...

Here are some people who lead. And I follow.
Are you in need of inspiration?
Do you want that special something that makes you happy on a stressful day?
Then come and hear their words and see their visions.

Frank Chimero, designer and thoughtmaker
Simon Sinek, Advertiser and thoughtmaker
Janine Joles, Image maker, thought and image sharer
Tina Roth Eisenberg, Designer, inspiration sharer
Tanakawho, image maker extraordinaire

:: image by Tanakawho on flickr ::


iPhone Dreams

I love wood (my daughters are named after trees)
and these iPhone covers from Grove Made are divine.


Inspiring Words

A student of mine finished her
Inspirational Poster Assignment today.
It made me smile
so I thought I'd share.

Le Sigh - Monday

Ahh, a relaxing weekend
Full of sun
Fresh air

May it creep into your week 
like a blooming jasmine flower
caught on a Spring breeze

:: image from Les Brumes' ::