Hurry Up and Wait in Line

prayer walking on the waterfront

Here, everything is "Hurry Up and Wait in Line."
Thankfully, Miriam and Steve are excellent guides and leaders.
We have shared so much with each other over the last few days
and feel like a huge extended real family.

Yesterday, we prayer walked on the waterfront, 
met with two long term workers here and learned
the history of their work here
and ended the day with a delightful dinner party outside.

By far, our greatest blessing is new friends. 
Last night we had dinner with "friends of Miriam." 
The evening was filled with animated conversations, 
new friends and a few promises 
of marriages between our children!
When we return, we have much to share that 
our Light has placed on our hearts.
We have a large desire to be long-term friends to these
hard workers.

George and Allison, long time Izmir-ians, shared 
new vision and words that had been spoken about 
their "family" here
and amazing things are happening.
(please forgive the coded speech, we will explain later)

Enjoy the images of the wonderful street life in Izmir,
and please pray that the six suitcases will show up.
(PJ really needs her pillow!)

Tomorrow we will visit the historical Ephesus
and I'll report back in the late morning Texas time.

Love to you all!


Izmir Taste Spot: Asum Bakery

Today I had the pleasure of visiting the 
Asum Bakery in Izmir. 
Dennis runs this location of the Asum Bakery - 
a bakery handed down from father to son for three generations.
Of special note are the raspberry cookies and the chocolate treats.
PJ is already planning a second visit and I'm still licking my fingers!

The bakeries here are as tasty as France and just as quaint.
Smiling faces and scrumptious food make the heart glad.

To have a bit of culinary heaven in Izmir, visit Dennis and his delightful team at 
Kibris Sehiteri Cad. 29, Alsancak, Izmir.


Safe Journeys ... New Vistas

We had a wonderful journey and met many wonderful people along the way
Our start helped us all to slow down and enjoy the ride. 
When we arrived at the airport we learned that we would 
need to be split up into three groups and 
take 3 different routes to Munich. 
The Lord blessed all three of those journeys 
and everyone (minus some luggage!) came safely. 

After an tasty dinner and a beautiful walk in the park, 
we are heading back to the hotel for a good nights rest.

Enjoy the images and video.
We love you all and can't wait to share how the spirit is moving.

Geno at the airport with his special travel techniques. What a crazy cat.

Dinner in Izmir. Excellent bread, sweet waiters, relaxing conversations and reunions. What a great way to start. 

our waiter

Bread made by hand by this friendly fellow.

What sites on our walk in the park!

The sunset was not as beautiful as seeing these two walking waterside together.

2 Videos for your pleasure:
** These are waiting to be converted and should be available from vimeo by Tuesday night**

See you tomorrow!


New Bookmark

Instead of a good read, I'd like to share a new bookmark:
Their coffee cuff was featured in HOW magazine this month
and is both a cuff and a coffee sleeve.
All of their products are sustainable and innovative.
Give 'em a peek!


WOW SPOT: NeoCon 2009 Chicago

A place I so wish I could be!
Dan Pink, one of my modern heros, is a keynote.
Gobs of new contemporary products.
Educational Seminars that I would actually want to attend.
In Chicago.
le sigh...

Check out more on NeoCon TV

Video: Design for Mankind Dialogue Series

I've been following the Design for Mankind Video Series this spring.
I thought my artist friends would appreciate this discussion on the 
differences in the online and gallery art scenes.

Watch and weigh in here. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

For more Design for Mankind Videos, head on over to Vimeo.


Wish I Knew You: Allison Manch

A photographer doing something completely different?
LOVE it!
Allison takes old and found handkerchiefs 
and alters them with dyes and embroidery.
Her ingenuity & homage to her family tree are inspiring.

Her grandfather was a photographer, her grandmother a lace-maker.

New meaning to "Never leave home without your pearls."


Page Flipper #3

I am planning a summer trip 
to the home of Troy, King Midas, and the Sultans of 1001 nights.

In preparation I am collecting meal-stimuli by browsing 
the cookbook sections and the local and online bookstores.


Turquoise: A Chef's Travel's in Turkey

Written by the dynamic Malouf duo, 
this includes enchanting photography of the people and the food of Turkey.
Turquoise will inspire your next feast and be a welcome addition 
to any coffee table reader collection.


Turkish Cooking by Ghillie Basan

An image (or three!) for each recipe is a treat for visually stimulated foodies!
75 recipes, over 200 images, and a wide look at the culinary diversity 
of the land that has always been a hotspot in the world.
Check it out at amazon.