Modern Whimsy

Ah, don't you love new discoveries 
that lead your mind down a path of new imaginings?
When I saw this table, my living room "eye" was transformed.

Wood floors, lots of light. 
My black leather couch with this 
A glass of Syrah.

A special thanks to reader D'Oliveira for introducing me to Boca Do Lobo!

Clay Chicken

I was browsing through the new items on
and came across a very cool party by the Chipstone Foundation
They made Beggar's Chicken 
by making a clay dough 
and baking the chicken inside of it.
Fun and Yum!

see video at art babble


Circles Around My Heart


Jennifer Sanchez is making my wallet want to jump out of my bag.


Check it Out

Check out this new book: The Art of Eating In 
by a woman who took a break from prepared foods (restaurants, food stands, etc)
and made friends with her kitchen.



Dropped in on the Austin Museum of Art
last night for the super-fab Hatch Print Show.
The Drive-By Press was there - uber-fab! - and I got to pull my very own print.

The Hatch Press Posters iconic status for the American Culture is dazzling.
The Music poster, the Fair poster, The Grand 'Ol Opry poster - all amazing.
And did you know you could call up Hatch, even today, and order 
a HAND-designed and pulled print set?
No computers would be used in the production - all hand made.
To tour Hatch online check out this blog.

(images by Hatch)


I Dream of Kitchens

Love the Lights here at House Call: Søren Rose Studio in Copenhagen.

What amazing window-light! Kitchen in San-Fran

The branches are lovely at Clyde Common in Portland, Oregon

For the winery, and

for my home from Bulthaup

I think it's the honey and bread that make me like this so much.


Hope Mongering Update

Think on it.

"I was having a conversation with a writer the other day, 
and he stated that the best things are always by-products. 
Happiness is a by-product, and I loved that he said that. 
You can plot your journey to success or happiness or wealth or whatever it is you’re looking for, 
but if you’re too focused on the end result, 
you’re going to miss anything good going on around you."

(Image from LoveSugar on Etsy)

Photoshop + Cookies

OK, I'm seeing a trend here. I have these smashing discoveries
of things I love combined in cool ways.
Today it is a great stop motion video
combining Photoshop and Cookie making.
I just wish we could eat the final product.
Someone will have to develop that kind of printer someday!

Bon Appetit!


Jamie Oliver + Ted Talks

Have I mentioned that I am a Ted Talks Junkie?
There are times when I even put off housework or a good movie
for a new dose of Ted.

Lucky me, here's Jamie Oliver to blend my two loves together: All Things Food + Ted
In this short video Jamie talks on food education for children
in an effort to help fight childhood obesity.

Raw Food

Ink created from vegetables.
Gorgeous and delicious!
Visit the Netherland's Raw Color to be dazzled.

(Images from Raw Color) (idea via Busy Being Fabulous)


The Library

I love a cookbook that has photos, especially of every recipe. 
As I see each completed dish, my eyes sample the food 
declaring it a feat to try or one to avoid.

While in Houston, these joined my "must have" list.
Each has gorgeous images and creative, yet doable recipes.
May they tempt your taste buds as well.


Woman Inspired Cognac

My family owns a vineyard and we were discussing 
how 90% of all wine is purchased by women. 
Think about how that affects packaging, marketing and pricing.

Below is a challenge to create a cognac with a feminine, elegant and modern presence
to appeal to female buyers.
The solution is gorgeous and sure appeals to this here lady.

Check out more here. Images from Arthur Schreiber's Portfolio


Dixon and Gehry

I found my Valentines at Kuhl -Linscomb  
Tom Dixon and Frank Gehry - Will you be mine? 
You lit my imagination.

The Lens, Pressed Glass Pendant by Tom Dixon

The Cloud by Gehry


Fleur de Sel Caramels

A dreamy little delight from Paris Caramels via Frenchy Bee.
Try something to compliment your chocolate this Valentine's Day.

Thompson and Hanson

 My mom and I recently explored Houston and stumbled upon some amazing places. This week I'll be sharing some of the highlights.

 Thompson and Hanson is a Houston gem. 
It houses french linen panels, Indian sari pillows, french caramels and divine succulents.
If you have an hour to spare on your next trip,
We started a small run on them, and they sold out in 5 minutes!


Fuji Friday

Got myself the new little
Fuji Instax instant cam and had some fun.
These are collections around my classroom.


Brit Night

I'm a total Brit-lover. 
Recently I spent a lovely evening with a friend 
celebrating an American-style Brit Comedy Night.

Simple Evening Menu:

The scones are moist and tasty, the water bubbly and the show -
well, the show is hilarious to those who also love 
the Flight of the Conchords... or computers... or geeks... or Brit Comedies.

Eden & Eden

Eden and Eden is a webshop with beautiful everything. 
I love the sugar cube holder - modern and functional.
The espresso cup's organic texture and design makes my hands happy.
Thanks Decor*8 for reminding us all of the fab Eden and Eden.



Seven Spoons is a delightful food experimentation blog that doubles as a food temptress. 
definitely quality as a temptation.
A temptation to take the day off 
and head to kitchen 
to create savory bliss.

Want to join me? Click on the link above and head to the kitchen!

(photo by Tara of Seven Spoons)


Spilt Tea by Laura Bell

Video Monday

Happy Video for Monday.
It's a bit icky outside, and all I really want to do is sit in bed and watch videos.
But I'm at work.
At least I can have half a want...


Vanishing Point from Bonsajo on Vimeo.