Inspirations: Eva Zeisel

Visionista #2: Eva Zeisel
Ceramic Maven, War Survivor, Professor, a Star of Budapest and the World
Let's face it, we all wish we could be amazing and have these book-worthy stories to share in our old age. I mean, "Once I made the best chocolate cake..." just doesn't seem to do anything but put the yawn on. And here we have this wonderful woman with an amazing life
She has traveled, created, suffered, loved, shared and inspired. 
And still does at 102!
Thanks, Mrs Zeisel! You are a true inspiration in every way!

A good read or three, Mrs Zeisel herself by the Boston Globe (by staff David L. Ryan) and from the archives (Hillwood Museum and Gardens, 1926)
a good buy in the UK or the US.

The gravy boat makes me swoon (and I don't make gravy!) and the teapot is divine. 
We purchased a set at Crate & Barrel this year for our 10th wedding anniversary.
Now I just dream of the bookcase and coffee table (and wood floors.) I'm secretly envious of all people up north with houses full of wood floors....

A few spots to check out if you love her like I do:
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Inspirations: Geoffrey Bawa

This week I will share several of the designers who inspire me. Some are contemporary, some have past - all are truly amazing in their talent and vision. Enjoy!

Visionista #1: Geoffrey Bawa
Sri Lankan+British, Architect+Lawyer, R+L brain = shazaam!
Check out his contextual modernism and the Kandalama Hotel in Sri Lanka. If you ever visit Colombo, Sri Lanka, eat lunch or dinner at Paradise Road Cafe and Gallery (his old offices) and shop at the partnering Paradise Road shops. If you'll be staying a bit, take that long, hot, dusty ride out to Dambulla and stay in paradise at the eco-friendly Kanadalama hotel. Here Bawa joined nature and concrete to perfection.
(Bawa: say bah-wah)(kandalama: say Kahn- da - Llama) (Dambulla: say dam-bull-ah)


A delightful day

So often we share our wish lists, but rarely our delight in receiving. This holiday I received both beauty and joy and I wanted to share each with you. I hope this message finds you with joy in your pocket (or ear) as well!

To share in my joy: 
Dolfin Chocolates and heavenly Meteorite earrings from Lunicart.


New Trend: TV Show Club

I am announcing the end to regular TV. My husband and I love to watch episodes the day after, so we can hop in bed, avoid tons of commercials and watch when we want. BUT the big news is the end of regular TV. How? "TV Clubs" and online rentals.

My coworkers are often planning a Six Feet Under or Pushing Up Daisies TV Show share. They all rent the same series from Netflix or Blockbuster online and then get together at lunch to discuss the most "recent" episode. Informal, fun and easy.

Is the TV Club replacing book clubs and regular TV? Or is just another way that the internet has changed our lives?

(image from Book Daddy)


Chocolate Decadence

I was invited to share my most secret and coveted recipe in the new Design Sponge Recipes section. Here is my submission dubbed Mother Day Decadence Torte by my compadres. I'll let you know when the spot and the recipe go live!



After spending a large portion of my life in Texas, I finally had the honor of learning how to make tamales from a true Mexican. Kiki Littlefield is an amazing hostess, cook and people mover extraordinaire. Here are some photos from our tamale party. 

Carnitas in adobo, chicken mole, black bean and jalepeno, carnitas in tomatillo sauce - all to die for!


I am soooooo inspired. (and a wee bit guilty feeling)
Download your copy today and be inspired too!


Let it Snow!

Last night it snowed and I could hardly sleep. You see, here in central Texas it NEVER SNOWS, especially before April. I was jumping about like an excited puppy!

In honor of this amazing wintery gift, I'd like to share some great items from the final Modish giveaway. Each would make excellent gifts for your special ones.
Top (from left): Jewelry from Starving Artist Bazaar! , print from Irena Sophia
Bottom (from left): Mudpuppy's ceramic vases, print from Alina Jolie

And you might even win one of my prints too!