Day Trippin'

With the fabulous Arts Festival over,
I was in need of some R&R with my girlies.
Day Trippin' was the prescription and I've been doing some research.
First, a splash in the free side of Barton Springs, a Zilker park train ride and a warm sun basking.
Next, a meander along Lake Austin Blvd with a delicious stop at Mozarts for cinnamon buns.
Now, who knows where the day will take us.

In the meantime, you can start planning your next easy 10-hr vacation
by visiting these great places:

has a great article on day-trips in Austin with Kids
Check it out for more close to your home

Texas Heaven

(photo from their website)

an online spot for "day" dreamers


Creativity Circus and Arts Festival

This weekend begins the Hope Chapel Arts Festival 2009
For starters, we'll have workshops on
performance art, writing and design
tours of studios and art-inspiring landscapes

The evenings are filled with events as well.
Friday night is the Visual Arts Exhibit and Reception
Saturday the Performing Arts Event

Won't you join us?
Hope Chapel
Arroyo Secco
Austin TX
July 17 - 19


Last Stand in Istanbul

We landed in Istanbul yesterday and hit the streets and ferries and tram and trains and restaurants and mosques and churches and palaces and beds. Whew. It's amazing what you can pack in a day with great leaders. Steve has been dubbed "Sultan U" and we have all learned to dodge traffic like old pros while trying to keep up with him.

Today we visited the BLue Mosque, the Sultan's Palace and the Hagia Sophia. I've included a random selection of images so you can get the feel for the city life, the places and the food. 

We'll be home Sunday night. I'll be signing off for now, wishing you delightful dreams until we return home. Pray for a safe journey for us, and that Sultan U leads us into traffic without harm :)

Fruit bowl from Sultan's palace wall

Blue Mosque (above and below)

The Hagia Sophia ( a church, then a mosque, now a museum)

This door was brought from Tarsus.
Paul could have touched this door.

Sultan U

See you all Sunday!


Adana Taste Spot: Rooms Cafe

If you ever find yourself in the Adana area of Turkey,
stop in at Room's Cafe in Çinarli Mh. 26 Sk. Öztürk Apt No 7. 
Room's has a vast international menu - from curries to tiramisu - all with excellent flavours. 
I suggest enjoying the collection of antiques inside, but sitting outside under 
the cool misters for a delightful meal.
The appetizers are incredible and are perfect for a 
tapas-style dinner or lunch.

Rooms has been open for six years and is run by Mehmet 
who is an excellent host. They are well versed in serving a foriegn clientelle 
if you are in need of easy translations of the menu.


Mehmet - Owner of Room's Cafe

Adana sweet Home

Arriving safely in Adana, we began a conference
with our old and new friends on the best character traits.
Mike Brimberry and Geno spoke, and we also had small group discussions.

The next day we visited a beach for a picnic. 
About 40 people attended from various countries 
(Sweden to Korea were represented in the group)
and much sport was had. 
Volleyball and soccer were very popular,
a well as the old pastime - napping. 

Three people went in the water, as we do at the pool across from Hope Chapel.
Many people approached with questions and 
Humberto took the opportunity that the Light had provided to share many truths.

We will be here through Thursday morning and then visit Istanbul.
Maria is heading out tonight to pack for home. 
She will be home shortly before us. Look for her Sunday morning.

Please pray for wellness, a few are under the weather, and 
good connections with our friends here.
Please also pray for safe travel for all.

Blessings, until next time.

to Adana

the conference

the beach party
Maria and more at the beach

nap time

View from Çuburoea (University in Adana) - wow is an understatement!


TIme for a Move

We have spent the last few days visiting with many 
families here and getting to know the people on 
a deeper level. With Turkish so unfamiliar to 
our tongues, we have relied a lot on the Spirit, 
Eng/Turkish dictionaries and  
hand gestures to communicate!

As you all celebrate the fourth, we will be flying to Adonna 
to visit with more of Hope's old friends and to make new ones.
We will help out with a conference on Saturday. If you have a chance,
please pray that we will be helpful and 
use the Light's words instead of our own.
Also, pray that we will not be groggy, as we head fro the 
airport at 4:30 am and the conference starts at 10 am. 
Good thing there's Turkish coffee everywhere! (Cindy loves it!)

A favorite Brit - telling stories

Another favorite Brit  - dazzling cooking!

Owner - Tulip Cafe 
(more later)

My new favorite Turkish food
(stuffed with feta cheese, olives and seasoning - oregano?)

Yes, painted cows, even in Izmir!

Ros's take on my favorite Turkish food (see above)

Roman Statue found in Turkey from the Archeology Museum

What a crazy man!

outside of the museum

Darias - THE BEST hairstylist in the WORLD
treats me to a Turkish delight - A styling.
Yes, it is SOOOO Turkish.

See you soon!


Ephesus and Great People

The Sultan's signature and decree that churches can be built in Izmir

Today we traveled to Ephesus and walked the streets of Paul. How amazing to see the vast cultures that inhabited the city and to stand on the stones Paul preached on - great acoustics too! The team sung the doxology in the same spot Paul spoke. 

After returning from Ephesus, we separated and went to stay the next few nights with our new friends in Turkey. Our updates will be more erratic now, as we have to hunt for the internet. :)

Please pray for blessings on our new friends and our time with them. We love and miss you all, but feel that this is where we should be. The Lord has already allowed us to love on these friends so much!

the first Christian symbol - the pizza!

where paul spoke

Mc Donald's Delivery - Who knew?

Ayran Moustache (say Aye-ran)

laughter of old and new friends

CDs for the children - music translated into Turkish for worship