All good things, French and Practical

These hooks are perfect for by the back door. 
They will corral my stuff,
 without me (or my munchkins) 
losing an essential organ...

dzov details
You can purchase at their Etsy shop

One Frame Fits Most

Perusing Design*Sponge this morning, I was introduced to
My favorite product is this Framed Objects piece. 
You've also got to check out the Anti-Theft Lunch Bag.
(yeah for payday today)
Totally wantable.

thanks Design*Sponge for the enlightenment


Blue Heaven

This season is all about blue
Stepping Stones NecklaceMissouri Primrose ShiftDetour Dress

To a Woman's Heart: Patina

Patina: A store of fun, beauty and creativity
Find a unique Valentine's present for your special one.

Way to go Lefties!

Left-Handed, Right-Brained: Power to the People!

I'm a big fan of Dan Pink (Whole New Mind - How right brained people will rule the world)
and now 
this article on the number of President's who were/are Lefties!
The newest inductee is a Leftie as well...
check it out!


Joy, Art and the Top

I received my drawing top from Thomas Forsyth today. 
I am as giddy as a little child. 
After testing it with gobs of pens and pencils,
I made a slew of "drawings." 
My daughters took a spin too.
Why don't you check out his work, 
take a spin, and add a little joy back into the art-making process?

Drawing Top


Design Sponge Recipe Spot!

Thanks to the lovely ladies over at design sponge
This Friday my Chocoholic Torte went live. 
So - my fancy friends - copy the recipe before it goes into the secret box again!

~ Wendy


Domino Home Register and Scandinavia

Match Made in Heaven #2: Domino and Scandinavian Grace

I received another installment of my Domino Home Register
in my inbox today


Light and Romance

Feeling light and fresh about the new year
romance is soon to follow...


In love with ...

Thomas Forsyth

These two are a match made in heaven...


Write me a Love Letter

Photos by Marco Ambrosi (audio interview here)
With Calligraphy by Monica Dengo
Check out more here at lensculture


Tortoise General Store

Anything but General. So. In. LOVE. (i'd marry it, but don't tell the hubby)

Bathroom Wake-up!

January - the month of dreams, cleans and re-dos. This year I am sporting an easy "re-do" of my bath. Right now it is beige on white and looking kinda lame. Here are some items I'm using to spruce things up. It will be a mix of modern and organic. I just can't help it!- that's how my design style tends to fall...

#1 O at Home Magazine - Colors Issue - Winter 2008
Domino Mag - Feb 2009 - 
Crazy with Color with Maria Maggenti (pg 100)

Such an inspiration to repaint the frame 
around my bathroom mirror and groovy midnight blue.

Glass Sea Urchin Vases

#3 - Umbra Toothbrush holder $23

Crinkle Toothbrush Holder

#4 - Owl Print by Sharon Montrose  - $25

Owl, 7 x 8 Fine Art Print

Now all I need is new towels, floor tile and faucets...


Inspirations: Ray and Charles Eames

Visionistas #3: Ray and Charles Eames
Married, Designers, Rescuers of the US Economy, Cultural Ambassadors, Recyclers
This dynamic duo created the House of Cards, the Chair, the dot pattern fabric design, and jetset around the globe capturing unique inspiring cultural artifacts on film. 

They were the experimenters, the team and the vibrant visionaries of their time.
They thought of unique, multimedia learning strategies to inspire the students of their time.
They were WPA artists, filmmakers and those rare breed of people who seek to make 

Who today will fill those shoes for us?
Who today will/has become the artist-healers for our economy? 


Inspirations: My Grandfather - Norman Gabbard

My grandfather was an amazing man - son in a family of 10 kids, childhood Arkansas friend of Sam Walton, JB Hunt and Tyson (yes, the chicken guy), NASA engineer, CCC camp lumberjack in the National Redwood Forest, Navy engine man, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, Christian. 

It is odd to know that he is gone now, and his shop sits empty. Even in his last days, he spoke of getting up and making something good in the shop. No telling what he'd thought of. Another space gun to use around the moon, another lunar flag pole, another magnetic engine, another something as a favor to a friend. 

His shop sits full of tools and metal shavings. Smelling of oil and wood and metal. Looking like it was used just yesterday. Looking like he could pop back in at any moment to pick up where he left off.

He grew up with grit, courage and faith but never, and I mean never, a complaint. Always a sparkle a full laugh and a full breakfast.

He sure inspires my dreams. Here's to you grandpa. Thanks is just not a deep enough word.


2009- Divine

2009 - so divine!
This little bird told me it would be a joyful year. 
Let's hope it' s a wise bird. 
I might just take him home with me!
Check out Shuxin's new work on her blog or at Etsy