Inspirations: My Grandfather - Norman Gabbard

My grandfather was an amazing man - son in a family of 10 kids, childhood Arkansas friend of Sam Walton, JB Hunt and Tyson (yes, the chicken guy), NASA engineer, CCC camp lumberjack in the National Redwood Forest, Navy engine man, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, Christian. 

It is odd to know that he is gone now, and his shop sits empty. Even in his last days, he spoke of getting up and making something good in the shop. No telling what he'd thought of. Another space gun to use around the moon, another lunar flag pole, another magnetic engine, another something as a favor to a friend. 

His shop sits full of tools and metal shavings. Smelling of oil and wood and metal. Looking like it was used just yesterday. Looking like he could pop back in at any moment to pick up where he left off.

He grew up with grit, courage and faith but never, and I mean never, a complaint. Always a sparkle a full laugh and a full breakfast.

He sure inspires my dreams. Here's to you grandpa. Thanks is just not a deep enough word.

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