Introducing a regular feature: Inspire*Respond.
I've been following Holly Becker's creativity series
on Decor8 and Design by the Book on Design*Sponge
and wanted a chance to create myself.

So many times I am inspired and do nothing about it.
The creative juices just run out of me while I sleep!

In an attempt to rejuevinate my spirit, I am making a list of artists
that inspire me and will attempt to share responses to their work here.


Inspiration: photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto
I experienced my first Sugimoto piece in person at the Fort Worth Modern Art Museum.
The Seascape series was displayed in a darkened room,
set up so that you stood,
alone, in front of a large wall covered with one seascape photograph - floor to ceiling.
It was as if you had walked up to a black and white beach scene.
Contemplation and peace.

Below, my photo class responds to images
from his work in his Joe Sculpture series
by creating simple abstract paper sculptures
and then photographing them in the Sugimoto style.

How would you respond?

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