Page Flipper

A new weekly feature for my site: Page Flipper
Each week I will spill the beans about a book
worthy of your bookshelf.
Some I own and some I just dream of owning.
I hope you enjoy.
Maybe you'll find one you want to take home with you...

Two of my favorite online book sites:


This weeks specials come from Chronicle 


A Book for those wanted a DIY summer t-shirt makeover
Quirky, hip and fresh hand-drawn designs by illustrator Mike Perry
will make you the talk of the beach


On Tender Hooks
The Art of Isabel Samaras Limited Edition and Print
A bit of a hefty price to pay for a book, but well worth it.
This monograph is perfect for anyone who loves art history and Desperate Housewives.
Samaras is a modern, pop-surrealist who gets her creative juice from the Old Masters.
Her artistic twist is worth the investment. 
This book will start conversations and, I propose, a few creative urges in yourself as well.
Check it out online (as well as a video interview with Samaras herself) 
and let me know what you think.

(photos from Chronicle Books)

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