Inspirations: Eva Zeisel

Visionista #2: Eva Zeisel
Ceramic Maven, War Survivor, Professor, a Star of Budapest and the World
Let's face it, we all wish we could be amazing and have these book-worthy stories to share in our old age. I mean, "Once I made the best chocolate cake..." just doesn't seem to do anything but put the yawn on. And here we have this wonderful woman with an amazing life
She has traveled, created, suffered, loved, shared and inspired. 
And still does at 102!
Thanks, Mrs Zeisel! You are a true inspiration in every way!

A good read or three, Mrs Zeisel herself by the Boston Globe (by staff David L. Ryan) and from the archives (Hillwood Museum and Gardens, 1926)
a good buy in the UK or the US.

The gravy boat makes me swoon (and I don't make gravy!) and the teapot is divine. 
We purchased a set at Crate & Barrel this year for our 10th wedding anniversary.
Now I just dream of the bookcase and coffee table (and wood floors.) I'm secretly envious of all people up north with houses full of wood floors....

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