Inspirations: Geoffrey Bawa

This week I will share several of the designers who inspire me. Some are contemporary, some have past - all are truly amazing in their talent and vision. Enjoy!

Visionista #1: Geoffrey Bawa
Sri Lankan+British, Architect+Lawyer, R+L brain = shazaam!
Check out his contextual modernism and the Kandalama Hotel in Sri Lanka. If you ever visit Colombo, Sri Lanka, eat lunch or dinner at Paradise Road Cafe and Gallery (his old offices) and shop at the partnering Paradise Road shops. If you'll be staying a bit, take that long, hot, dusty ride out to Dambulla and stay in paradise at the eco-friendly Kanadalama hotel. Here Bawa joined nature and concrete to perfection.
(Bawa: say bah-wah)(kandalama: say Kahn- da - Llama) (Dambulla: say dam-bull-ah)

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