Fresh Vista: Yangtze River & the Cloud Bunny

I tell stories with my daughters at bedtime, as most parents do.
But I have to say, I truly love our make-believe world.
A world of hot air balloons.
 Bunnies that live in the clouds 
talking elephants that live in tents.
Mice that paint and can jump into their make-believe worlds.
Fairies that give fairy dust for extra far away grand adventures.

Recently, the cloud bunny has been picking up the girls for trips
with great cloud-views. 
We have been to the Arctic for the aurora borealis, 
the Yangtze River for the diversity,
 the Pyramids for the golden light.
On each trip the girls captured aerial images 
through the window the bunny has on his cloud floor.

And each morning I pull up images from
flickr or Yann Arthus-Bertrand
to encourage their imaginations
and to grow their 
adventurous spirits.

What stories to you love?
What dreams do you have?
Where would you go to see through a window in a cloud?

:: images from flickr, flickr, flickr and flickr ::

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