A thought: Patience

I love the insight and heart at Shutter Sisters.
Today, I'm wrapped up in the thoughts on Patience and Photography.
I had to share with you.

Passion has always held a high regard in the hearts of photo-hopefuls, willing their visions into manifestation. And persistence is the rule preached at school. If we just keep at it long enough, we will make our way into our definitions of success. Then there's little old Patience, tying it all together, striking a stone to a flint under our bums when the film doesn't come out right, when we're not as far along our paths as we'd like, or when our credentials only fill up a post-it note. Patience leaves her mark when that photograph would have been perfect if we'd just waited a little while longer to release that shutter, but instead snapped the last image on the roll or had just had enough and walked away with the digital in tow. Those are the moments Patience pops up again, hopping around in our faces, creeping into the frames, a haunting reminder that she is not to be forgotten.
If we walk with Patience by our side long enough, she will generously give us a certain presence that will enrich our lives and practices, photography or otherwise. And in our quiet successes we can exalt and raise our hands, cartwheel or dance, because we got that shot, we savored that feeling or made that new memory without measuring or making comparisons, we have our friend to thank. Patience brings passion to the surface and fuels persistence that mile further because she has a co-conspirator and her name is Photography.

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