Hurry Up and Wait in Line

prayer walking on the waterfront

Here, everything is "Hurry Up and Wait in Line."
Thankfully, Miriam and Steve are excellent guides and leaders.
We have shared so much with each other over the last few days
and feel like a huge extended real family.

Yesterday, we prayer walked on the waterfront, 
met with two long term workers here and learned
the history of their work here
and ended the day with a delightful dinner party outside.

By far, our greatest blessing is new friends. 
Last night we had dinner with "friends of Miriam." 
The evening was filled with animated conversations, 
new friends and a few promises 
of marriages between our children!
When we return, we have much to share that 
our Light has placed on our hearts.
We have a large desire to be long-term friends to these
hard workers.

George and Allison, long time Izmir-ians, shared 
new vision and words that had been spoken about 
their "family" here
and amazing things are happening.
(please forgive the coded speech, we will explain later)

Enjoy the images of the wonderful street life in Izmir,
and please pray that the six suitcases will show up.
(PJ really needs her pillow!)

Tomorrow we will visit the historical Ephesus
and I'll report back in the late morning Texas time.

Love to you all!


Chanaka said...

Dear mom,
we miss you. but we are excited that
Grandma is coming. we Love you. I am
going to wear Feathers in my hair.


Lynn said...

Its so good to hear from you! Praying for you and the team. Much love! Lynn