Page Flipper #3

I am planning a summer trip 
to the home of Troy, King Midas, and the Sultans of 1001 nights.

In preparation I am collecting meal-stimuli by browsing 
the cookbook sections and the local and online bookstores.


Turquoise: A Chef's Travel's in Turkey

Written by the dynamic Malouf duo, 
this includes enchanting photography of the people and the food of Turkey.
Turquoise will inspire your next feast and be a welcome addition 
to any coffee table reader collection.


Turkish Cooking by Ghillie Basan

An image (or three!) for each recipe is a treat for visually stimulated foodies!
75 recipes, over 200 images, and a wide look at the culinary diversity 
of the land that has always been a hotspot in the world.
Check it out at amazon.

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