Safe Journeys ... New Vistas

We had a wonderful journey and met many wonderful people along the way
Our start helped us all to slow down and enjoy the ride. 
When we arrived at the airport we learned that we would 
need to be split up into three groups and 
take 3 different routes to Munich. 
The Lord blessed all three of those journeys 
and everyone (minus some luggage!) came safely. 

After an tasty dinner and a beautiful walk in the park, 
we are heading back to the hotel for a good nights rest.

Enjoy the images and video.
We love you all and can't wait to share how the spirit is moving.

Geno at the airport with his special travel techniques. What a crazy cat.

Dinner in Izmir. Excellent bread, sweet waiters, relaxing conversations and reunions. What a great way to start. 

our waiter

Bread made by hand by this friendly fellow.

What sites on our walk in the park!

The sunset was not as beautiful as seeing these two walking waterside together.

2 Videos for your pleasure:
** These are waiting to be converted and should be available from vimeo by Tuesday night**

See you tomorrow!


Jack said...

Too cool. We're glad you all made it but sad your luggage is still en route. Keep us up to date. Your info is on the web site, now, too.

John Rasco said...

Hi Wendy...the videos on Vimeo seem to be private. You probably need to change your settings. Lovely pix!

Sara M. said...

OH NO. Not the pillow! Praying for you guys. I'm excited to hear how everything is going!