Ephesus and Great People

The Sultan's signature and decree that churches can be built in Izmir

Today we traveled to Ephesus and walked the streets of Paul. How amazing to see the vast cultures that inhabited the city and to stand on the stones Paul preached on - great acoustics too! The team sung the doxology in the same spot Paul spoke. 

After returning from Ephesus, we separated and went to stay the next few nights with our new friends in Turkey. Our updates will be more erratic now, as we have to hunt for the internet. :)

Please pray for blessings on our new friends and our time with them. We love and miss you all, but feel that this is where we should be. The Lord has already allowed us to love on these friends so much!

the first Christian symbol - the pizza!

where paul spoke

Mc Donald's Delivery - Who knew?

Ayran Moustache (say Aye-ran)

laughter of old and new friends

CDs for the children - music translated into Turkish for worship

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Jack said...

One of my favorite places, Ephesus. I love the shots of the library at Celsus. And, the Pizza symbol may be the most meaningful of all :)..