Adana sweet Home

Arriving safely in Adana, we began a conference
with our old and new friends on the best character traits.
Mike Brimberry and Geno spoke, and we also had small group discussions.

The next day we visited a beach for a picnic. 
About 40 people attended from various countries 
(Sweden to Korea were represented in the group)
and much sport was had. 
Volleyball and soccer were very popular,
a well as the old pastime - napping. 

Three people went in the water, as we do at the pool across from Hope Chapel.
Many people approached with questions and 
Humberto took the opportunity that the Light had provided to share many truths.

We will be here through Thursday morning and then visit Istanbul.
Maria is heading out tonight to pack for home. 
She will be home shortly before us. Look for her Sunday morning.

Please pray for wellness, a few are under the weather, and 
good connections with our friends here.
Please also pray for safe travel for all.

Blessings, until next time.

to Adana

the conference

the beach party
Maria and more at the beach

nap time

View from Çuburoea (University in Adana) - wow is an understatement!

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