TIme for a Move

We have spent the last few days visiting with many 
families here and getting to know the people on 
a deeper level. With Turkish so unfamiliar to 
our tongues, we have relied a lot on the Spirit, 
Eng/Turkish dictionaries and  
hand gestures to communicate!

As you all celebrate the fourth, we will be flying to Adonna 
to visit with more of Hope's old friends and to make new ones.
We will help out with a conference on Saturday. If you have a chance,
please pray that we will be helpful and 
use the Light's words instead of our own.
Also, pray that we will not be groggy, as we head fro the 
airport at 4:30 am and the conference starts at 10 am. 
Good thing there's Turkish coffee everywhere! (Cindy loves it!)

A favorite Brit - telling stories

Another favorite Brit  - dazzling cooking!

Owner - Tulip Cafe 
(more later)

My new favorite Turkish food
(stuffed with feta cheese, olives and seasoning - oregano?)

Yes, painted cows, even in Izmir!

Ros's take on my favorite Turkish food (see above)

Roman Statue found in Turkey from the Archeology Museum

What a crazy man!

outside of the museum

Darias - THE BEST hairstylist in the WORLD
treats me to a Turkish delight - A styling.
Yes, it is SOOOO Turkish.

See you soon!

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