Must See: Oly

Ohhhh, the lovely OLY and her quirky style 
stumbled across my screen one day in a flickr walk. 

She's got style, funk and some
 mad-sweet little sayings from her heart
in her shop.
Like this one:

my dear dear friends, this is my song for you, no matter where you are on earth, 
the 3rd planet in our little solar system. 
i wanna share with you, of all the magical little moments, 
of all the bitter and sweet small details, 
of all the endless small ( soft ) talks, 
of, the music that made of our everyday life, 
like heartbeats, like smiles, 
like, being alive, like, being in love :)

If you have a moment to relax in your day,
why not join her in her world
of images and illustrations
for one moment

:: images by oly ::

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