On Turning 40

In 35 days, I will be turning 40.
I don't know if you all have reached this cultural age mark yet, 
but it seems so different than when I turned 30.

As my family has learned about caring for grape vines
I find myself comparing life to the vine.
A new vine is gorgeous and supple, so much like our youth.
But the best wine comes from older grapes & a strong thick vine.
You and I are approaching our peak vintage.


Last summer I asked a handful of seasoned people (most aged 50+)
what they had thought about their 40s.
They ALL said they were fabulous 
and they were so happy to leave the 30s behind.
I was shocked by that - the joy of 30s past.

I'm beginning to understand that better already. 
No "I must do this" lists
Less "who am I?" questions lingering

My list of accomplishments is finished.

I've weathered storms and have come out more calm for it.
(broken hearts, cancer, loss of a job, loss of loved ones)

So what does that leave me to ponder at 40?


I do not know what tomorrow holds. 
But I have learned to be thankful for today.
It is glorious.
And so much better than 30.

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