Texas Sky

There is something to be said about a Texas sky.
It is akin to "things are bigger and better in Texas," but a wee bit less pompous.

The skies in Texas are breath-taking with spotted clouds
and kaleidoscope colors saluting the sun.

I've seen Japanese artists gaze at them with wonder.
"We don't have wide open spaces like this in Kyoto."

I've seen children lay on the ground
and be awed silent by the vibrant airborne landscape.

If you've been to Arizona or New Mexico, or Montana
you know the power of a big sky.
Yet, each is so different with the altitude and dust,
the smell of the air.

For now, I'll share a little sky with you
and imagine you are here enjoying it with me.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE taking photos of the sky. It just never gets old to me. Everyday it looks different. Life is meant to be lived beneath the wide open sky!